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Genistar Limited is incorporated in England and Wales,
with registered number 6315485
FCA Number 472050
Compliance code: F0493/7.15


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Your future can be brighter and Genistar can help you to plan your path to Financial Freedom.

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Vitality Private Medical Insurance

To inquire about getting private medical insurance for yourself and your family, please contact your Genistar Representative. We would be happy to help you to find a policy that best suits your unique requirements.

Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Planning your financial future is much like learning to drive a car. At first all the information and moving parts seem daunting. You have to think about controlling your speed, changing gears, indicating, checking mirrors, reading signs... But as you take one step at a time, you learn the basics, and driving becomes second nature.

For many people, sitting down to work out a financial plan feels the same as getting into a vehicle for the first time. They are overwhelmed and end up with many more questions than answers: What does all the jargon mean? Which products are right for me? Where can I get accurate information? Will I ever be able to understand it all?

This book is designed to answer your questions and become your 'Highway Code' of money management. It will help you cut through the confusion and break down financial planning into simple, manageable steps. After reading it, you should be able to avoid roadblocks and be prepared to set out on your route toward financial freedom.

Journey to Financial Freedom Book